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Reuma.pt is a project developed by the Portuguese Society of Rheumatology (SPR).

The Rheumatic Diseases Portuguese Registry (Reuma.pt) has been active since June 2008.

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The Rheumatic Diseases Portuguese Registry (Reuma.pt) comprises structured clinical information on rheumatic patients residing in mainland Portugal, Madeira and Azores islands, but also in Brazil. All information is collected over time and includes different parameters of the patient’s health. This registry aims to: 1) access the impact of the disease on rheumatic patients; 2) monitor both safety and effectiveness of the different therapeutic options and 3) identify predictors of treatment response.


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Reuma.pt has national coverage and became a fundamental resource for the development of clinical research in Rheumatology, and it is crucial for the continuous improvement of care provided to rheumatic patients.

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The Reuma.pt registry collects rheumatological data in a total of 77 centers: 68 of them in mainland Portugal and islands, and 9 in Brazil.


The data registered on Reuma.pt allowed us to answer several questions about the effectiveness and safety of therapeutical drugs used to treat rheumatic patients. Data collected by Reuma.pt made national and foreign researchers to come up with project ideas, which led to collaborative projects with the Portuguese Society of Rheumatology (SPR). Results obtained from these collaborations and access to Reuma.pt were published in national and international scientific journals.

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Reuma.pt has several collaborations with national and international institutions.

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Currently, Reuma.pt is available to consider new projects in the field of rheumatology. See here the regulation of access, use and disclosure of Reuma.pt data. If you are a medical doctor, researcher or a healthcare professional, please do not hesitate to submit your project.

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    A new article was published demonstrating the eficacy of ASDAS (Ankylosing Spondulitis Disease Activity Score) for evaluation of these patients quality of life. This evaluation was performed using data registered on Reuma.pt. Read the full article here.


    On the 19 march 2022, Reuma.pt was present on the II National Forum for Supporting Families organized by ANDAI, presenting the registry and the importance of patients participation. The video is avaliable here.

The Reuma.pt registry was developed with the financial support of the pharmaceutical industry, and is currently supported by:

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